Australian Prime Ministers: Triumph over Adversity

The National History Challenge invites students to act as historians—researching and interpreting the past. The Museum of Australian Democracy’s Australian Prime Ministers Centre is pleased to sponsor a special category in this year’s challenge ‘Australian Prime Ministers: Triumph over Adversity’.

Students from years 5-12 are invited to research and create an entry on one prime minister’s story of triumph over adversity.

The role of the prime minister is complex and varied. The prime minister runs Cabinet, answers to parliament and represents Australia. It is a job that has changed with time, personality and world events. Take the challenge to discover how Australian prime ministers have shaped the nation and the world!

The winning essay in the 2009 National History Challenge category, Australian Prime Ministers: Triumph over Adversity, was submitted by Dale Atkinson of Wesley College in South Perth, Western Australia. Dale's essay was on Bob Hawke and the Floating of the Australian Dollar and you can read it here.

The Museum of Australian Democracy’s Australian Prime Ministers Centre sponsored this category in the 2009 National History Challenge. Find out more about the latest National History Challenge.

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition for students. More information is available on the National History Challenge site.